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This part of our site is designed to be a useful resource for all claimant/employees to find the information or help that you need with your disability benefits.

How Can We Help You?

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Benefit Payment Question:
·   When will I receive benefits?
·   What is/was my most recent benefit payment amount?
·   On what date will my benefits end?
·   I would like to see my benefit payment history.

Leave Status Question:
·   What is the status of my leave request?
·   Has Sedgwick received all the forms and/or information needed to process my leave request?
·   Has Sedgwick received the fax that I sent?
·   Did Sedgwick receive my extension for benefits?

General Questions and Help:
·   How does the claims process work?
·   How do I file a leave request?
·   How do I file for an extension?
·   How do I change my name, address, or other contact information?
·   I have a specific question about my leave request and want help from Sedgwick Customer Service.

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