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The conditions listed below are common medical conditions which may or may not be covered under your leave plan. Consult your Benefits Booklet or Plan Document for further information.

Pregnancy   |   
Diabetes   |   
Hypertension   |   
Depression   |   
Lower Back Problems

Sedgwick believes that it is in your best interest to know as much as possible about your condition.

Information and resources regarding a condition can help you understand the symptoms as well as the treatment. It will allow you to gather more knowledge about your condition and how to live with it.

We have analyzed our records accumulated over many years, and identified the conditions people suffer from most frequently.

We would like to offer information and resources for you on those conditions. Just click on the conditions listed below to learn more about that condition and to find links to other resources on the web, which are specific to those conditions.

Sedgwick is providing this information as a service to you. The health-related information and resources found here is not a substitute for professional medical advice or for the care that you receive from your physician(s). If you believe you may suffer from this condition or are experiencing symptoms, please contact your physician immediately.

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